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Does Our Economic Myopia Keep Us From Jobs?

There is much talk in the political arena about creating jobs. In a world where men in seven hundred dollar suits can live above the fray of the meager survival the majority of human eke out, the limitations created by the monetary system which provides them with this cushion also provides an endless game of directing the existence of the humans fray to make more money, thereby creating a bigger cushion. Unfortunately, the creation of the cushion, although comforting for the elite who sit upon it, tends to smother those who are trapped below as the jobs created are rarely intrinsic to the human experience, but merely the catalysts for a bigger cushion.

What if, in the development of an economic system that would work for all of humanity, we did not rely upon the poverty of many in order to bolster the indulgences of a few? What if we realized our own potential to develop an economic cushion not of money, but of the latent energies of the Core Economy, that aspect of humanity that naturally longs to care for one another, teach one another, and be creative? What if we could create an economic system based on trust, respect, appreciation, and enjoyment instead of debt, scarcity, penalties, and taxes?

The truth is that there are plenty of jobs to be done. The problem is that, in our current state of operations, all jobs must be somehow tied to the money created through the Federal Reserve Bank, a system which many people no longer trust due to its proclivity to reward greed, malice, wastefulness, and irresponsibility. What if we were to realize a level of economic freedom beyond the constraints of a private corporation by embracing our collective potential?

Ultimately, to create sustainable jobs, we will need to find more value in human people than in corporate people. By investing energy into local, complimentary currencies like the Common Wealth Time Bank, we increase our community’s interdependence and decrease our society’s corporate dependence. A strong community creates a cushion that is inclusive of all so that no one must live below the fray.

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