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How Do You Explain Humanity?

1229680813x6Biwl3At our first Flow Factory Family Gathering this Sunday, I started by telling the eight core members of The Flow Factory that I do not believe that the Universe makes mistakes and all things work toward a greater good. Vincent replied, “Then how do you explain humanity.”

Knowing Vincent the way that I do and understanding his frustration with the senseless suffering humanity creates with its desire for control, and its appeal to feed the voracious appetite for attention their individual egos clamor for, I didn’t really feel the need to ask for elaboration on his question. My answer was that humanity is in a state of becoming, and that each seeming mistake was an opportunity for learning and growing. Because humanity, as a celestial art form in itself, experiences the destruction of peace that occurs with the creative process and the ceaseless desire to reach a goal not yet attained, it creates a mess in its path. As any artist or craftsman knows, with any creation of beauty or ingenuity, it is inevitable that we also create a chaotic, ugly mess in the process.

Whether it be painting a portrait, preparing a meal, building a vehicle, planting a garden, or creating a government, there is always a mess that must be cleaned up, whether it be toxic paint in the water supply, the death of a living entity, geological destruction, pesticides in the soil, or a war for dominion. The same is true for each and every individual as we parlay with our identities, finding ourselves bouncing between perceptions as we realize ourselves as both selfish, shame-ridden denizens of the earth and prisms of divine consciousness refracting through water and reflecting from stardust, creating chaos and shadows with each of our evolutionary developments and cultural advancements as we make our way through the Unbroken Path of Becoming. If humanity is recognized not as a mistake, but as a creative process in itself, an ongoing art project of whatever powers manifested the existence we know as reality, then we can see beyond the mess we’ve created through forgiveness and experience the beauty of what is yet possible by letting the art of our most noble virtues inspire the life we create from here together.

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