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Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s struggle with homelessness has been a long one, building on an already difficult life of abuse and addiction. In spite of the traumas she has faced in life, and those that she continually faces, she is a gracious and caring soul who is trying to create a better life for herself and for the …

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What If We Develop a Tiny House Hamlet?

Since the launch of the 2050 Comprehensive Plan, there have been no developments that have fully utilized the overlay to its greatest potential. Part of the issue is that the 2050 Plan calls for greater risk to the developers to achieve fiscal neutrality due to the costs of “business as usual” development. However, part of …

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The Flow Factory, a community flex space in Sarasota’s Ivy League District, will host “Art-Stravaganza!” on Saturday, March 29 from noon-7pm. The event will feature a variety of interactive, artistic activities and classes. The Flow Factory is located at 2035 Cornell Street, offers a variety of community events, classes and performances, and serves as the …

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