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The Answer to Homelessness Is Radical Pragmatism

1229680813x6Biwl3Although I set out to shine a light on the homeless situation in Sarasota, which I will continue to do, I believe that the circumstances surrounding the growing rate of the transient population is as much a symptom of our societal mentality as it is a direct result of the decisions made by those affected. It continues to be my intent to look at the situation with radical pragmatism and try to understand the situation from all sides. I have been known, from time to time, to be a bit of a bleeding heart liberal, always rooting for the underdog and taking up the causes that are not quite popular in the mainstream. Nevertheless, although at first look, the Sarasota homeless situation may appear as little more than a class war with the wealthy as villains and the homeless as victims, there are deeper forces at work than the simple poles of good and evil or right and wrong.

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